This Week’s Model — Izzy True, “Big Natural”

Izzy True is the name of the a band. Izzy True is also the handy creative alias of Izzy Lou Reidy, a creator who hails from upstate New York who contains multitudes. According to bio on their website, they are “artist, musician, and creep.” The band that bears their sometimes name is officially based in Chicago, and I think there’s something of the unique brand of grounded avant-garde that I associate with the city’s music scene in the new track “Big Natural.” There’s a tried-and-true indie-rock flow and charm to bulk of the song, accentuated by Reidy’s wafting, engaging vocals, that’s repeatedly met with the frisson of free-jazz horn clatter plopped in like semicolons in complicated sentence. It hits the ear just right.

Our Beautiful Baby World, the new album from Izzy True, is out today.

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