This Week’s Model — Chubby and the Gang, “I Hate the Radio”

On the song “Superhero,” Ani Difranco writes about the experience of falling in love despite her determination to avoid such entanglements. Among its lyrics is a couplet that captures the way the world seems to transform around anyone who’s so smitten: “And every pop song on the radio/ Is suddenly speaking to me.” There’s a flip side to this particular sentiment, and that’s precisely what U.K. band Chubby and the Gang is getting at in their freshly released track.

“I Hate the Radio” resides upon the scorched earth after a breakup, and the songs that were once sweetly intertwined with the romance now cause pain when their heard, as when they come around on a station’s playlist. The cut has a sixties-retro base with a classic college rock feel, like it could have come from the Connells if they were taking their best swing at making a Ramones song, which couldn’t suit the lyrics’ sentiment better.

The new Chubby and the Gang album, The Mutt’s Nuts, is scheduled for release in late August.

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