This Week’s Model — Porridge Radio, “Back to the Radio”

So I’ll admit that my weekend plans might make me especially partial to song called “Back to the Radio” at this very moment. But it’s no mere convenience of personal association that makes the new single from the Brixton band Porridge radio sound so damn good. Given an steady adrenaline drip by the raw, taut vocals of Dana Margolin, the sound builds like a tectonic tremor that goes right up to the verge of a full-blown earthquake without quite tipping the Richter scale. It’s catharsis, challenge, and concession all at once: “Sit still, do nothing, what if it mattered?/ I’m trying to help without breaking or shattering/ We almost got better, we’re so unprepared for this/ Running straight at it/ I’m not the right man for this.” Lean and tight, the track somehow feels colossal.

Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder to the Sky, the third album by Porridge Radio, is scheduled for release in May.

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