Outside Reading — Through Sarahbeth Maney’s Lens edition

The Story Behind That Photo of Ketanji Brown Jackson and Her Daughter by Gina Cherelus

In the interest of focusing on the positive, I am setting aside the instinct to engage with arguments made in bad faith to instead celebrate the above photo. As Gina Cherelus details in this article, image was snapped by Sarahbeth Maney, a San Franciscan working as a photography fellow for The New York Times. Anything I can add is feeble in comparison with the one thousand words contained in that frame and the reactions shared by Maney in the article, so I’ll leave it there. This piece is published by the Times.

How Pamela Adlon Makes Borscht on “Better Things” by Rachel Syme

Among many things to adore about Better Things, Pamela Adlon’s exceptional series nearing it final episode, is the distinctive, evocative use of the kitchen as a central place in the home. It is a space of work and love, and Adlon marvelously includes the intricate toil of food preparation as central part of the characters’ lives. Writing for The New Yorker, Rachel Syme does an exceptional job of explaining how that creative choice enhances the program’s powerful themes of family and feminist identity.

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