Outside Reading — Masks at the Merch Table


Musicians Are Begging Fans to Mask Up at Concerts. Here’s Why. by Nina Corcoran

Writing for Pitchfork, Nina Corcoran relates the enormous difficulty smaller and mid-tier acts are facing as they adjust to touring, their main source of revenue, in this moment when COVID-19 is still a threat, but municipalities and institutions are abandoning mitigation efforts. Putting the onus on artists to ask audience members to wear masks during shows is needlessly unkind, especially since those touring acts have little authority to genuinely enforce those policies if the venues don’t take them seriously. That the Chicago club the Hideout is cited as one of the few establishments maintaining a strong mask policy elevates it yet higher from its already lofty perch on my personal list of favorites.

“How people fall apart”: Yale faculty discuss the impact of burnout on the brain by Kayla Yup

In truth, there’s not all that much information in this article that I haven’t read elsewhere, or even that I intuitively understand, but I still appreciate the clarity of Kayla Yup’s reporting in this consideration of how taking on stress has physical effects. This article is published by Yale Daily News.

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