This Week’s Model — Suede, “She Still Leads Me”

I don’t know I can be expected to resist this. Suede’s new single, “She Still Leads Me,” moves with a swoop and dramatic grandeur that evokes the nineteen-nineties heyday of Britpop overstaters, such as Pulp, Oasis, and, um, themselves, I suppose. But citing the track as an extension of what Suede was up to a couple decades back does a disservice. The cut has a modern sheen, like they the tilted a collective ear to the finessing of the form by indie-rock intermediaries Elefant, White Lies, and others only to respond, “Ah, I like what you’ve got there well enough. It’s cute. Now let us show you how it’s really done.”

Autofiction, the ninth Suede album, is scheduled for release in September.

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