Outside Reading — Your Best American Grrrl edition

Kathleen Hanna Won’t Save You, So Stop Asking Her To by Laura Wynne

This week brought the unlikely return of Creem. The brattier counterpoint to Rolling Stone in the nineteen-seventies and nineteen-eighties relaunched as a robustly updated website and a quarterly print publication. They roared to new life impressively with this snappy profile of Kathleen Hanna. As usual, Hanna is candid, whip-smart, and consistently engaging, and Wynne brings every bit of that impressive personality across on the digital page. Go buy some t-shirts.

Just offering this image as a reminder that U.K. courts, considering mostly the same evidence, ruled completely differently.

Feeds Fill With Hate For Actress by Amanda Hess

I had no interest in the recent court case involving Amber Heard and her abusive ex-husband, and I expressed that lack of interest accordingly online. Despite the fact that I never sought out any information about the legal spectacle, my suggested-for-you feeds on social media were tidal waves of alerts, opinion, videos, and misogynistic memes related to the trial. Before the mind-boggling decision, which was handed down by a non-sequestered jury that was surely exposed to the same cascade of hostile disinformation, Amanda Hess wrote about the sordid phenomenon of hijacked digital spaces for The New York Times.

Gun Safety Must Be Everything That Republicans Fear by Charles M. Blow

Writing for The New York Times, Charles M. Blow asserts what too many of his fellow pundits — not too mention the vast majority of elected officials — are afraid to say: We are long past the point where Republicans deserve to have any input into discussion about gun control measures. The GOP has thrown in entirely with cruel, illogical gun nuts, and the only use for their political posturing is to take every howl of protest they offer as a suggestion for precisely which prohibitions to draft into law.

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