This Week’s Model — Laura Veirs, “Eucalyptus”

For music fans with a long enough memory, I think there’s probably no way for the new Laura Veris single, “Eucalyptus,” to avoid comparisons to Suzanne Vega. A lilting female voice engaged in plain, crisp storytelling using a staccato rhythm and backed by a spare drum machine track? Yeah, there’s something of a precedent for that. I’m not prepared to claim that “Eucalyptus” is actually wildly different, nor do I think it’s particularly derivative. Sometimes the familiar simply seems right. Lyrically, Veirs ruminates on the process of starting over and regaining herself following a bad breakup. That topic is tried and true, too, and yet fully fresh in Veirs’s rendered. It’s amazing what personal truthfulness can accomplish in rejuvenating both a song style and a heart-bruised individual.

Found Light, Veirs’s new album, is scheduled for release in July.

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