Outside Reading — The World We Are Fighting For Is Already Here edition

As Federal Climate-Fighting Tools Are Taken Away, Cities and States Step Up by Maggie Astor

As the conservative majority of the Supreme Court of the United States claps their soot-stained hands with satisfaction at the completion of a term where they shed all pretense of honoring precedent when there’s regressive damage to be done, I’m ready for understandable anger to transition into motivation to create positive change. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wrote about this in the midst of the barrage of appalling, legally illogical rulings:

Luckily, today’s newspaper contains a reminder of the truth of Representative Ocasio-Cortez’s statement. With the caveat acknowledgement that a “patchwork approach is no substitute for a coordinated national strategy,” Maggie Astor reports on municipal and community efforts across the country that are moving forward with their own environmental protection and sustainability programs, federal inaction — or sometimes active obstruction — be damned. This article is published by The New York Times.

Uvalde Mom Who Rescued Her Two Kids Is Suing Police Over Chilling Stalking & Harassment by Kylie Cheung

There has been a steady stream of revelations about law enforcement’s abdication of duty during the mass slaughter of children at Robb Elementary School, each more infuriating than the last. Now this week comes reporting that police have been actively harassing Angeli Rose Gomez, one of the parents who ran into the school herself and has been justifiably irate about the failure of the officials sworn to protect and serve the community. I can’t imagine how anyone can read Kylie Cheung’s article about the situation, published by Jezebel, and come away with any other conclusion than the Defund the Police movement is onto something and that maybe, just maybe, it’s those putting forth the more extreme argument to abolish the police that have it right.

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