This Week’s Model — Rat Tally, “Longshot”


Look, I am who I am. Much as I earnestly strive to diversify my musical tastes, becoming genuinely enraptured by blipping, blooping tunes I would have been quick to disregard in the past, there are certain sounds that are going to hit me in a primal place and leave me happily atremble. “Longshot,” the new single from Rat Tally (the performing guide for Chicago-based musician Addy Harris), calls back to the post-grunge reclamation of the tuneful rock songs with a buzzy, fuzzy guitar. Befitting those echoes of kids-do-follow descendants of the the Replacements and other titans of shuffling Midwestern malaise, the lyrics are awash in emotionally potent reportage on the small-scale dissatisfactions of young adulthood: “Got bored of the show/ So I went home/ To look at the walls/ And catch my thoughts/ But they’re all multiplying.” The music builds nicely until the groan of thick, superlative guitar that crescendos it to a close. I may be particularly susceptible to this sort of track, but I can also recognize that it is the real deal. And Rat Tally is the real deal, too.

In My Car, the debut album from Rat Tally, is scheduled for release in August.

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