Outside Reading — This Stamp Surrounds Hate and Forces It to Surrender edition

Pete Seeger outlasted the bastards by John Nichols

On the occasion of Pete Seeger receiving well-deserved commemoration on a stamp from the U.S. Postal Service, John Nichols writes a celebratory of appraisal of the folk icon’s enduring legacy. Mostly, as the editorial’s title implies, Nichols takes pointed glee in the fact that Seeger became a beloved figure while the intellectually bankrupt political opportunists who decried him back in the day are relegated to the long list of history’s villains. I believe this piece has shown up a couple of places by now; I take it from my preferred local newspaper, The Capital Times.


The Jackie Robinson Museum Is About a Lot More Than Baseball by David Waldstein

David Waldstein reports for The New York Times about the opening of the Jackie Robinson Museum in New York City, amazingly the metropolis’s first such institution with a strong focus on the U.S. civil rights movement. The article details the unforgivably long time it took for the museum to get funded and constructed, as well as the enormous ambitions of those who preside over it. They essentially see the space as an opportunity to continue the society-changing accomplishments of Robinson, a crucially important endeavor since the nation has started to regress in recent years, one political party in particular doing everything it can to restore repressive policies.

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