This Week’s Model — Caitlin Rose, “Black Obsidian”

It’s been nearly ten years since I reviewed Caitlin Rose’s sophomore LP, The Stand-In. It’s a good record, and I wrote as much. In the time since, though, it’s grown on me considerably, the clarity of Rose’s songwriting and the potency of her performance steadily moving it past other albums I was more generous towards at the time. I’d check what she was up to every once in a while and feel a tang of disappointment that her discography remained stagnant. Thankfully, that’s about to change.

The decade-spanning drought ended this week when a new song from Rose rained down. “Black Obsidian” is a proper reassertion, showcasing Rose’s expert melding of country twang with the fullness of Americana rock. And it’s all put together with lyrics that manage to convey common experience in a way that is striking in its simple, straightforward invention: “Tried to be just like water to the touch/ Take you everywhere you wanna be/ Wash away what’s hurting you so much/ What’s haunting you is always haunting me.” The text, friends, is rich.

Rose’s third album, Cazimi, is scheduled for release in November. 

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