Outside Reading — Fellowship edition

Guess Who’s Coming to Mordor by James Poniewozik

When considering the flood of sewage deliberately pumped into the public discourse by right-wing cads, it’s practically impossible to determine which infraction against basic decency is most egregious. That, too, is part of the point of their vile strategy. At this moment, though, nothing feels quite as despicable as the relentless assault on any creative choice in the entertainment industry that dares to be more representative of the totality of humanity rather than defaulting to a bunch of sternly fretful white men. The complaints are often made under the flimsy guise of fidelity to source material or some other such faux studiousness, but it’s obviously bigotry through and through. Writing for The New York Times, James Poniewozik is admirably uncompromising in presenting the ginned-up outrage as exactly what it is.

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