This Week’s Model — Samia, “Kill Her Freak Out”

If music artists have narratives that span their entire careers, Samia is sketching in her next page appropriately with her new single “Kill Her Freak Out.” According to her, the sedate, withdrawn, Bridgers-esque expressions of anger and despair embedded in the song — in both the piercing lyrics and the quietly stately music — is the last expression of the sentiments that dominated her preceding album, the fine debut The Baby. It can be heard, then, as the sinewy tendon that connects one work to the next. Or it can certainly be taken on its own, as a lovely, delicately wonder filled with smartly chosen details and painful little truths (“You were next door with Gigi/ Cocktails for breakfast/ Walking her groceries back to the main house/ You kissed her fragile hands in the sunlight”). It’s a precious thing.

Samia’s new album, Honey, is scheduled for release in January.

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