Outside Reading — Unsettled Law edition

The Supreme Court Is Blowing Up Law School, Too by Mark Joseph Stern

My master’s degree program included a class in constitutional law. It didn’t really make sense that it did, but I greatly enjoyed the class. In his lectures, the professor, who had argued cases in front the Supreme Court of the United States, compellingly presented the sanctity of settled law. So they can forward the toxic agenda of one particular political party, a handful of current Justices have knocked that concept asunder. The resultant damage to society is still being understood and will take years to fully manifest. Writing for Slate, Mark Joseph Stern takes the interesting angle of examining how it has scrambled teaching in law school that has previously relied upon and emphasized the value of precedent.

My Moment in Her World by George Vecsey

There were a multitude of fine remembrances of Loretta Lynn following the icon’s passing earlier this week. Maybe none was more knowing and poignant than the one written by George Vecsey. Around forty-five years ago, Vecsey was the co-author of Lynn’s landmark autobiography, Coal Miner’s Daughter, and he tells some of the story of living in her orbit as they worked together on the book. This piece is published by The New York Times.

Whoopi Goldberg Will Not Shut Up, Thank You Very Much by Jazmine Hughes

For The New York Times Magazine, Jazmine Hughes profiles Whoopi Goldberg. Framed somewhat over Goldberg’s occasional skirting of controversy during her longtime tenure as one of the hosts of The View, the article is most fascinating when it considers the multifaceted performer’s back-and-forth history in Hollywood, where her obvious talent didn’t fit it any of the established boxes.

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