This Week’s Model — Dove Cameron, “Girl Like Me”

Dove Cameron wasn’t born yet when Edwyn Collins was all over alternative rock radio with “A Girl Like You,” the swaggering lead single from his 1994 album, Gorgeous George. But the Disney Channel escapee who had a great big pop-star breakthrough this year with the thrillingly insinuating single “Boyfriend” clearly knows a good song when she hears it. The origin story to Cameron’s new single begins her age was in the single digits and the Collins song grabbed at her from the frames of the mediocre sequel Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Whatever residual toxicity she might have picked up from repeated viewings of that particular McG joint are antidoted away by her new single, an ingenious flip of the song with Cameron taking the perspective of the girl so unique her like has never been met before. Casually scathing towards the masculine bravado of the original song (“Got this self-fulfilling reputation/ Talking like you’re God’s favorite creation/ Nothing makes you smaller/ Than being a big man”), Cameron’s track borrows and samples from Collins, shaping the raw material into something bold and new. Bam what!, indeed.

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