Outside Reading — Be Cruel to Your School

When Public Money Becomes Private by Lyz Lenz

Writing in her own newsletter, Men Yell at Me, Lyz Lenz details how the longstanding right-wing crusade to divert public education funds towards charter schools has other private institutions does irreparable damage especially to rural communities. Under the disingenuous auspices of provided elite learning to children from across the economic spectrum, the obvious boondoggle primarily serves to fatten the wallets of heartless investors while further gutting existing schools’ budgets, already at the bone after decades of draconian cuts. Of course, this nastiness is aligned with the Republican party’s vicious delight in harming schools and schoolchildren any way they can.

The Mystery of the Dune Font by Florian Hardwig

Florian Hardwig takes the deepest of deep dives into the distinctive font that was used across a legion of Frank Herbert’s Dune books as well as all manner of associated tomes. I love stuff like this. This article was published by Fonts in Use, because of course it was.

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