This Week’s Model — PONY, “Très Jolie”

 Together, Sam Bielanski and Matty Morand are PONY, a band that hails from Toronto and specializes in fuzzy, buzzy, perfectly compact pop songs. Their latest, “Très Jolie,” performs the grand, glorious magic trick I seek so fervently. From it opening drum strike and wash of tingly guitar, it plops me back in my old college radio air chair, spinning out a new track from the Darling Buds or Juliana Hatfield or any of the other acts that enthralled me by merging perfect pop craft with taffy-chewy tunes and gleaming female vocals. This cut makes me want to turn the the studio speakers up so, so loud.

Velveteen, the new album from PONY, is scheduled for release in May.

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