Outside Reading — That Is Not the Law edition

The Lawless Ruling Against the Abortion Pill Has Already Prompted a Constitutional Crisis by Mark Joseph Stern

The right-wing’s demolition of all structures of law and governance in the name of foisting their regressive agenda on the rest of the populace continued apace with the court ruling reversing the FDA approval of mifepristone that happened more than two decades ago. I’m not a legal expert, but practically everyone who is has been quick to identify the reasoning behind the decision as utter nonsense, which isn’t surprising given who appointed the judge in question. Between this, the flagrant abuse of power by the Republicans in the Tennessee legislature, and ongoing attacks against transgender people and, you know, books, it’s been quite a week for the party of small government that is nonetheless thrilled to use the levers of government to institute their vile acts of repression. Mark Joseph Stern details the embarrassment and abuse of the court ruling in this article for Slate.

The Dangerous Fantasy of Trump’s Indictment by Rebecca Traister

There are truly few things I’d like more than to see a certain lifelong criminal in handcuffs and a prison jumpsuit on his way to serious jail time, but I also share the cynicism expressed by Rebecca Traister in this piece, published by New York. It can’t help but feel like just another iteration of the recurring “We Got Him!” gag from Last Week Tonight. What’s worse, the spectacle has fully revived the new media’s dangerous obsession with documenting every last coming and going of a figure who should be simply shunned in a Nixonian fashion.

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