This Week’s Model — Dexys, “I’m Going to Get Free”

In detailing the lore of the annual trivia contest staged by student-run radio station WWSP-90FM, I have previously shared that my beloved and notorious team that participates in said contest has an official theme song that just so happens to be one of the most enduring chart-toppers of the nineteen-eighties. I have significant affection for the original as performed by Dexys Midnight Runners (although my favorite version is a cover by an amazingly talented friend of mine) and that extends to a helpless fondness for the fluid collective headed by Kevin Rowland. I’m not prepared to declare that greatness has arrived in “I’m Going to Get Free,” the recently released song from the first new album in more than a decade by the band now simple known as Dexys. At the same time, I’m utterly charmed by it (and by Rowland’s continued dedication to distinctive, full-frame garments). I almost believe that, given a chance, it could move a million hearts in mono.

The Divine Feminine, the new album from Dexys, is scheduled for release in July.

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