Outside Reading — The Masters Are Here edition

The Low-Stakes Magic of Trivia by Richard Morgan

It’s always a pleasure — laced with a hint of the unreal — to see the trivia contest to which I’ve devoted ludicrous amounts of time and mental energy get an adoring write up in a national publication. In The Atlantic, Richard Moran ably captures the roller-coaster energy of participating in WWSP-90FM’s Trivia (the story about the question related to a backgammon game is a mirror of what happened at our team headquarters). Better yet, he properly celebrates the event as a valuable diversion from all the existential turmoil of our modern, highly plugged-in times. As someone who once helped run the thing, I can attest that Morgan hits upon of the overt intents of The World’s Largest Trivia Contest.

Democrats Can Be Democrats and Win by Alexander Sammon

Because I, too, mostly want to keep this weekend focused on the low-stakes magic identified above, I’ll simply note that everything Alexander Sammon asserts here is exactly right. I’m glad he wrote this. This article is published by Slate.

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