This Week’s Model — Origami Angel, “My PG Country Summer”

There are all sorts of reasons I’m susceptible to “My PG Country Summer,” the new single from Origami Angel, There’s the gooey guitar lines that mark it as a fit and proper representation of emo rock and the breakneck pace. Then there are the lyrics that bound across all the twisty contradictions of modern life of experiencing modern life as an engaged, agitated citizen of the U.S.: “Welcome all the tourists/ Infiltrate the capitol/ Protesting abortion/ Tickets to the Nationals.” It’s like Harvey Danger or New End Original with a subscription to The Economist. Or something. I’m not sure, really. I just know it hits my ears in just the right way.

Origami’s forthcoming release, which they’re dubbing a mixtape, is titled The Brightest Days and is scheduled for release in June.

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