Spectrum Check

There are over 400 files in my desktop folder called simply, “Spectrum.” Now, a fair number of them are little blurbs written for various List Inconsequential features or other group-built tallies, but there are still a lot of full-length pieces. Even counting up the number of instances of this weekly link-dump of personal reviews tells the story. According to the math done automatically by WordPress, this is the 144th post entitled “Spectrum Check.” I started writing for Spectrum Culture over three years ago and first took on some editorial chores about a year after that. As of the end of 2013, I’m no longer on the staff.

There’s no animosity there, no creative differences. I parted on the best of terms. It was simply time for a change. I’m grateful I got to be a part of the site. Because of my tenure there, I saw a lot of deeply fascinating films I likely never would have encountered otherwise (and more than a few cinematic disasters) and rejuvenated my interest in the art of the album. And I’m certain that assembling my words for a wider audience caused me to grow as a writer. I’m better at the task than when I started. I’m still going to fill up this space on a daily basis and I’m definitely open to writing for an outside site or publication again (if you know anybody who is interested in paying American dollars for 1000-plus word, nostalgia-drenched pieces on old Too Much Joy albums, have them give me a call!), but I need to withdraw from the one that has been my happy online home-away-from-home for the past few years.

I’ve got a new recurring feature figured out for Saturdays, but first I’m going to allow myself some indulgent valedictory posts. For the next few weeks, I’ll be reaching back to things I’ve written for Spectrum that I’m most proud of, now that the passage of time allows me to be a little less self-critical. So please be patient with me. Sometimes closure takes a while.

This also means I’ll be reintroducing the Oxford comma to my repertoire, in what will surely be a clumsy, inconsistent process. Please be patient with that, too.

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