This Week’s Model — Painted Zeros, “I Will Try”

painted zeros

In deeply unsettled days such as these, there might be no better and timelier message than the proclamation of endurance found in “I Will Try,” the new track from Painted Zeros. The chief creative outlet of singer-songwriter Katie Lau, Painted Zeroes delivers a forceful and intricate brand of indie rock, like a version of Rilo Kiley that wants to play a little rougher. Lau reports her inspiration for the new song was a personal choice to get sober and the resulting improvement to her general well-being. It’s easy to apply the sentiments to any number of personal scenarios where getting through a hard time is its own triumph. When Lau imagines she’ll be remembered with the phrase “She tried her best,” there’s no defeat to that. Realistically, isn’t that exactly who we all hope to be?

When You Found Forever, the sophomore release from Painted Zeros, is out today.

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