Outside Reading — Scar Tissue edition


This Week Has Happened Before by Julia Craven

I call it scar tissue that you walk around with, and scar tissue never allows you to fully function like you functioned. You always got to work around it. You always got to do this therapy, once the scar tissue is there, to get back some range of motion that allows you to be fully who you are. So whether you experienced it as a child in a store being followed or riding down the road and having a police cruiser follow you—and you know they’re checking you out in a certain way—that presents a different day-to-day for you. — J. Drew Lanham, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Wildlife Ecology, Master Teacher, and Certified Wildlife Biologist, Clemson University



No More Money for the Police by Philip V. McHarris and Thenjiwe McHarris

The solution to ending police violence and cultivating a safer country lies in reducing the power of the police and their contact with the public. We can do that by reinvesting the $100 billion spent on policing nationwide in alternative emergency response programs, as protesters in Minneapolis have called for. City, state and federal grants can also fund these programs.



James Baldwin: How to Cool It

It’s a very serious question in my mind whether or not the people of this country, the bulk of population of this country, have enough sense of what is really happening to their black co-citizens to understand why they’re in the streets. I know of this moment they maybe don’t know it, and this is proved by the reaction to the civil disorders.It came as no revelation to me or to any other black cat that white racism is at the bottom of the civil disorders. It came as a great shock apparently to a great many other people, including the President of the United States. — James Baldwin, in 1968. And that’s just the beginning of the discussion.

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