This Week’s Model — Hurry, “A Fake Idea”

Sometimes nothing hits my ears, and my heart, more sweetly than a new track that reminds me of the chiming, charming college rock when I regularly roamed the poster-covered walls of my beloved radio alma mater. “A Fake Idea,” the new single from the Philadelphia band Hurry, has a sonic kinship to all those magnificently moony bands I gravitated to decades ago. The cut could come from the Connells, or Let’s Active, or Will and the Bushmen, or…. Well, I could go on and on.

I’ll admit that I might be able to squarely place it in that era because the yearning lyrics speak to the twenty-ish version of me that still lingers inside, giving little tugs at my anxiety. When Matt Scottoline sings, “Because everything I know/ About loving you/ And everything i think about myself/ Is just created by mind, and twisted over time/ To make a fake idea start feeling true,” I can all too easily imagine myself singing along in the air studio late at night, relating hard. I’m glad to revisit that melancholy part of myself every once in a while, and a perfectly poignant pop song is a fine way to make that journey.

Fake Ideas, the new album from Hurry, is scheduled for release this summer.

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