Outside Reading — Tremendously Beautiful, Tremendously Useful, or Tremendously Absurd edition

Give Your Loved One an Oyster I.O.U.: A Food-Themed Holiday Gift Guide by Helen Rosner

As we rush headlong into the slice of the calendar years reserved for the most virulent consumerism, there is one only gift guide worth the effort to click to and from it. Helen Rosner’s annual assemblage of consumable-associated items that would be a bonanza for anyone under the present-gathering totem of their choice. Although I am uniquely susceptible to the creative, decadent offerings Rosner sleuths out, it is the wickedly clever writing that makes this gift guide into a true aria of enticements. This article is published by The New Yorker.

Commenting on Kyrsten Sinema’s Clothes Is Not ‘Sexist.’ They’re Intended to Be a Distraction. by Danielle Tcholakian

Writing for Jezebel, Danielle Tcholakian examines the shameful attempts to conflate legitimate criticism of the senior senator from Arizona with purely sexist dismissals lobbed her way. Krysten Sinema has been flagrantly amoral in her approach of governance, and there have have been times she’s signaled her trollish defiance of seriousness through her sartorial choices, just as assuredly as U.S. Representative Jim Jordan gives a dubious performance of a no-nonsense tough guy with his discarded suit jacket and rolled up sleeves. He’s been mocked for that plenty, including by some of the same commentariat chatterboxes who are been tsked at be the defenders of Sinema. The truth is that Sinema has been so gleefully disruptive that she deserves snarls from every direction for every reason, if only in the likely vain hope that she will eventually be withered into responsibility.

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