This Week’s Model — Homeboy Sandman, “Keep That Same Energy”

Built on a groove that is at once loosely easygoing and tick-tock steady, “Keep That Same Energy,” the new track by Homebody Sandman, radiates cool. Sure, it’s a pleasure to hear someone rhyme “less tension” with “George Benson,” but the best part of the cut is Homebody Sandman’s precision in hitting that song’s title: a little encouraging, a little irritated, a little sarcastic, a little unctuous. The phrasing locks into the skull, echoing on and on after the song shimmies to its endpoint. It’s like Michael Franti usurped Soul Coughing in the chillest manner possible.

“Keep That Same Energy” appears on There In Spirit, which is scheduled for release in later February 2022.

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