Outside Reading — They’ve All Come to Look for America edition


Bus Ticket Out of Texas Was a Ticket to Stability by Miriam Jordan

As a pair of Southern governors continue their base-stroking competition to see who can be more cruel to human beings in need, the reporting on the hateful publicity stunts they’re mounting has predictably centered on the the agitated talking points offered by both political parties. Too often, the people are left out of the story. This piece, written by Miriam Jordan, frames the story around one man who found help, understanding, and opportunity after he was forcibly transported to Washington, D.C. I think that reveals a fascinating and undervalued truth revealed by this situation. The governors in question and their GOP brethren have presided over turning their states into such abominable hellscapes purposefully designed to keep poor people in desperation that getting the migrants out of there can almost be seem as an act of accidental kindness. This article is published by The New York Times.

Watching Trump Embrace QAnon from the Historical Jewish Quarter of Kraków by Bill McKibben

I deliberately try to ignore the desperate, feral-animal flailing of the lifelong criminal who was inexplicably allowed to occupy the White House for four years, but Bill McKibben, writing for The New Yorker, offers the reminder that a measure of vigilance in still required. As the clod is facing finally facing serious legal inquiries from enforcement entities that aren’t afraid of him and his delusional supporters, he’s wading deeper into the muck of batshit that has given the seventeenth letter of the alphabet a bad name. There is a sad, appalling commitment from the whole Mar-a-Lago crime family to shred as much of the social fabric as they can before their final downfall.

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